Quiz 3: Do I Really Need a Saddle Fitter?

Do I Really Need a Saddle Fitter?

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1: How often do you notice your horse displaying signs of discomfort or resistance while being ridden?

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2: Have you observed any uneven sweat patterns or dry spots under the saddle area after riding?

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3: Are you experiencing balance issues or discomfort while riding, such as feeling pushed forward or having difficulty maintaining a correct seat?

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4: Has your horse's body condition changed significantly since you last purchased your saddle?

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5: Are you using the same saddle on multiple horses, even though their body shapes are different?

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6: Have you noticed any white hairs, sores, or swelling on your horse's back after riding?

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7: Do you find it challenging to keep the saddle in place, even with a properly tightened girth?

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8: Has your horse's behavior or attitude towards riding changed negatively over time?

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9: Are you unsure about how to evaluate saddle fit and make necessary adjustments?

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10: Have you tried using different saddle pads or shims without achieving a noticeable improvement in your horse's comfort and performance?

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