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First, complete the simple forms designed to guide you through the measuring process. You’ll collect images and dimensions from yourself and your horse. Then when your info is complete, you’ll be matched with a professional saddle fitter in your area who will review your unique measurements and provide expert advice.

Saddle Genie isn’t just about fitting and buying. It’s a safe and secure platform for buyers, sellers, and fitters to connect so that all riders can find the best saddles for themselves and their horses. New and used saddles are welcome.

The Saddle Genie App forms will guide you through the listing process, gathering detailed information and images of your saddle. You can even contact one of the Saddle Genie Fitters to add a professional Fit Recommendation, to help buyers chose the right saddle and reduce returns and purchase remorse.

Most importantly, every transaction will be protected by a secure escrow process that will collect and confirm the buyer’s payment and hold funding until both parties are satisfied.

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Professional Saddle Fit Advice
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Knowledge is power. Unfortunately, most saddle buyers do not have the knowledge and information required to make a smart buying decision. For instance, most saddles are sold with only the seat size and gullet measurement — however this is only a fraction of the actual information that’s required to properly fit a saddle.

A professional, accredited and experienced saddle fitter has extensive education, testing and practical experience that’s required to accurately determine which saddles will work well for a particular horse’s unique physique. They can also take the rider’s height, weight, and leg dimensions into account to make sure the saddle is able to provide a balanced fit for both horse and rider.

Saddle Genie carefully screens the fitters available on the app to ensure they have the knowledge and experience required to provide accurate virtual saddle fitting advice.


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Our mission is to make riding safer and more enjoyable by facilitating the secure purchase of affordable, perfectly-fitted saddles.

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