Boost Your
Income from Home

While Keeping Horses and Riders Safe from Ill-Fitted Saddles

Get 3 months FREE when you join the beta. Since Saddle Genie is in beta, not everything will be perfect yet. But with your help, we can make it as beautiful and easy-to-use as possible. Your feedback and requests are welcomed.

Market your business to the nationwide

rider community.

Riders are so spread out in some areas; it can be challenging to market your expert services to a local community and get enough business to sustain yourself. Saddle Genie instantly connects you with riders in your area and expands your audience so you can reach clients you would never have met otherwise, especially in the 2021 era of online everything!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Help Horses

As a fitter, you understand the danger of putting the wrong saddle on a horse. Our priority for Saddle Genie is to connect riders and certified fitters for the wellbeing of the horses. Just like in your face-to-face work, you can take pride in knowing that every time you help a client, you’re saving a horse from the potentially dire consequences of a saddle that’s wrong for its frame.

Improve Rider Safety

In addition to being bad for the horse, riding on an ill-fitted saddle can present a severe risk for the rider and horse, particularly if the saddle is too small. Ill-fitting saddles have been the casue of some catastrophic rider injuries throughout early and recent horsemanship history. You can make a difference. Sadle Genie riders need your expertise to keep themselves and their horses safe.

Work from Home

The remarkable thing about the Saddle Genie app is that it allows everyone to connect to improve health and safety without ever leaving home. For riders who have struggled to find a certified fitter near them, this is a revelation in horsemanship. For you, that means reaching a broader audience and being able to execute a portion of your consultations from home!

How Does It Work?

Getting started on the Saddle Genie app is easy. Start here to join the interest list. When the app its ready you will receive an email invitation to download the app and register. Once your account is approved and operational, the consultation and fit evaluation requests will come straight to your profile page without you having to do any additional marketing or outreach.

Start with 3 months free!

Start right here with three free months of full access to the app, and start earning supplementary income! After the trial period, full access is as low as $8 per month!

Fill out your intake form

First, fill out your intake form. This gives us everything we need to know about you and your expertise. To become a Saddle Genie fitter, you must provide at least one of the following: proof of accredited saddle fitting education, training, certification, or a minimum of 5 years professional experience.

Complete your profile

Once registered, you can complete your profile to show and tell riders about yourself and your services. Riders will choose from profiles near them for fitting services. Any services you provide outside of the app are up to your discretion and billing.

Start boosting your income!

That’s it! When your profile is complete, you’ll start receiving fit evaluation requests on your profile page. Accept at your discretion and simply complete the intuitive evaluation forms to start earning income!

No more struggling to get info from clients.

Anyone who has worked with clients knows it can be hard to track them down and get the info you need. We all lead busy lives, after all. With Saddle Genie, riders input their fitting information for both horse and rider into simple mobile forms. When they request a consultation or fit evaluation from you, all the information you need is available in their profile, including photos! If you require additional photos or video you can easily reach out via the in-app chat and messaging.

the Survey

Feedback from experienced saddle fitters like you is essential to making Saddle Genie the best experience for everyone. The app is already under construction, but your input will help us improve in future updates. Take the survey to share your thoughts and preferences.