Our Story

The Who…
You and Your Horse

Here at the Saddle Genie, the focus is on connecting you with expert saddle fitters on a platform designed to help you find and buy the right saddle. We’ve also included a resale platform that is designed to eliminate the fraud that is rampant in the saddle resales market. Our end-goal is to facilitate secure in-app saddle sales partnered with professional consultations.

We know and understand that horses and their owners come in different shapes and sizes, and there are specialized saddles for jumping, reining, dressage, barrel racing, endurance, trail riding, and many other disciplines. Since most saddles are built to fit a small segment of horse conformations, it’s easy to wind up with an ill-fitting saddle. Plus, the shape of a horse’s back will change throughout their lifetime. Then, just like when we wear ill-fitting shoes, horses can end up with dangerous performance, behavorial, and long-term health issues. A properly fitting saddle is critical for good horsemanship and the horse’s health.

Too often, buyers must go through trial and error to find the right saddle for their horse. If they’re lucky, owners can find and hire a professional saddle fitter for advice. That is, if they live in an area with trained fitters. With today’s technology, this costly, emotionally draining undertaking is no longer necessary.

The Saddle Genie App is brought to you by EQ Innovation Technologies, LLC. (EQ-IT), a Las Vegas-based marketing and software development company. EQ-IT’s goal is to create an advanced artificial intelligence based application for users to receive remote saddle-fitting advice. The ultimate goal is for users to have the ability to purchase resale saddles with greater confidence and to combat the rampant fraud in used saddle sales by providing a more secure way to sell or buy a saddle.

Our Why…
There Should be an App for This

How It Started
Founder, Gwen Carrington

Gwenlyn Carrington is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EQ Innovation Technologies (EQ-IT), a premier marketing and software development company dedicated to developing web-based tools for the equine industry.

She brings over 25 years of experience as a marketing leader and 48 years as an equine owner and enthusiast.

As the CEO, she provides leadership and strategic direction for the business, creates, implements, and executes the company’s vision and mission, and ensures the financial success and public acceptance of the corporate brand.

From an early age, Gwenlyn has been fascinated with horses. She loved them so much that she wore the print off the “H” edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica pages while memorizing everything she could about them. Her admiration of these exquisite animals grew over the years, along with her riding skills, which she uses to compete in various English equitation and hunter/jumper events. She currently owns a magnificent off-track Thoroughbred named Pepper, with whom she has won awards in eventing, jumping, and dressage throughout the Southwest.

Gwenlyn decided to combine her professional skills as a marketing executive, digital communication specialist, and customer acquisition evangelist with her passion for horses by founding EQ-IT. Her goal is to create accessible and affordable digital tools to horse enthusiasts that improve the lives of horses and their riders.

In a brilliant strategy to extend her market reach and brand recognition, Gwenlyn also launched Saddle-Reviews.com, a website dedicated to becoming the most comprehensive collection of independent reviews of riding saddles on the internet. The site is well on its way to gathering a massive ensemble of honest feedback on every saddle ever made. With Saddle Reviews, riders and horse owners can research saddles and avoid costly mistakes before purchasing their equipment.

Gwenlyn has also launched the “Saddle Genie App,” the foundation for EQ-IT’s powerful AI-based saddle fitting software tool. Users can also securely receive advice from their favorite equestrian professionals to further fight rampant fraud in the saddle resale market.

Gwenlyn maintains her competitive lead by closely monitoring the latest business trends in her industry, especially eCommerce and digital marketing technologies, and converting that market intelligence into data-driver process improvement initiatives.

When Gwenlyn isn’t hard at work creating and deploying innovative technologies to disrupt the equine industry, she enjoys spending her free time riding and competing with her horse.

Gwenlyn Carrington was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from the University of Nevada with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. 

The How…

Humans and Technology Working Together

Horse owners, resale saddle sellers and buyers, and professionally trained fitters can all benefit from the Saddle Genie Virtual Fitting App. A framework guides owners and fitters through a virtual fitting process, which includes images and dimensions of the horse’s back. COMING SOON: In the background of the app, artificial intelligence will use bigger data sets to help increase the success of a potential saddle’s fit, instantly.

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